El Marqués: Solar Power Plant in Test Phase

Munich, March 25, 2020 – After a construction period of only 9 months, Green City AG has connected its first solar park in Spain to the “El Marqués” grid. The first kilowatt-hour was injected into the grid and launched the electricity purchase contract (PPA) with the Swiss group Alpiq Energy. Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the delivery of the plant poses a particular challenge. “El Marqués” is the first photovoltaic plant in Green City to be connected to the grid without feed-in tariffs.

Located near Zaragoza, in the northeast of the country, Green City, in cooperation with Atalya Generación Eólica and Iasol, was able to create in a very short time an ideal environment for the solar project on an area of 18 hectares: In total, 30,464 modules have been installed and, with an output of 12.3 MW, they are expected to produce around 20 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity per year. 365 solar trackers ensure that the modules adapt to the dominant position of the sun and thus ensure optimum use of solar energy.



Rod Poublon, Head of Renewable Energy at Green City, is happy that the test phase was able to start despite the difficult circumstances: “This good news shows that people, whether here, our partners or the authorities, have organized themselves remarkably. in order to be able to continue working within a framework of considerable restrictions. Things are moving a little more slowly, but with determination! ”

After its successful market entry, Green City AG concluded a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Swiss group Alpiq Energy for “El Marqués” last fall. Solar power is becoming the most cost-effective energy source in Europe, eclipsing the production of electricity from nuclear and fossil fuels. Spain’s advantageous grid parity and the industry’s growing demand for green electricity make this project a pioneer in the field of renewable energies.