Green City 30 years of existence in the service of environmental protection

The world was very different when the environmental association Green City ev was founded in Munich 30 years ago. Environmental concerns occupied a limited place in our daily lives, but the founders of Green City very quickly understood that it was necessary to act in the heart of cities to make them greener and more sustainable. This is why the association created in 2005 Green City Energy GmbH (which will become Green City AG in 2018) to allow more intense development in favor of renewable energies.

The association continues its activities to improve the quality of life of the citizens of greater Munich and remains the main shareholder of Green City AG, whose activities in favor of energy transition are developing throughout Europe.

Dates and highlights of Green City's 30th anniversary

The list of our actions and our successes in favor of the climate would be far too long. Here’s a quick look at Green City’s highlights over the past 30 years.

  • 1990 : The current association Green City eV is created under the name München 2000 Autofrei “(Munich 2000 without a car) by a group of Munich residents.
  • 1993 : Launch of the “Call a Bike” operation which will be taken over by Deutsche Bahn (German railway company).
  • 1999 : Launch of the Solarpark 2000 program, the largest solar program in the world with citizen participation at the time and which constitutes the cornerstone of our activities in favor of the energy transition.
  • 1999 : First edition of “Blade night”.
  • 2000 : First edition of the “Streetlife festival” which this year celebrates its 20 th anniversary.
  • 2003 : Creation of GC Projekt GmbH which will become Green City Experience
  • 2005 : Creation of Green City Energy GmbH for the development of renewable energy projects
  • 2011 : Transformation of Green City Energy GmbH into a public limited company. KWP funds i, II and III allow the intensification of our development activities for green energy production plants.
  • 2012 : GC Projekt GmbH launches its consultancy activities for local authorities while continuing to organize events.
  • 2016 : Start of the campaign to fight air pollution in Munich which contributed to the decision to change modes of transport in 2019.
  • 2017 : Green City is becoming one of the rare energy suppliers to guarantee the origin of its green electricity. We are launching our e-mobility activities
  • 2018 : Merger of GC Energy and GC Experience into Green City AG.
  • 2019 : Launch of SUMMIQ AG for more investment opportunities in the energy transition.


For 30 years, our commitment to the climate has been total. Over the past 15 years, Green City AG has developed and connected more than 350 new green power generation facilities in the fields of photovoltaic, wind and hydropower representing a total power of 240MW. Thus, more than € 500M have been invested in the energy transition. Green City is continuing its development in Europe and has a project pipeline of over 800MW to be connected in future accesses.

Over the years, we have remained true to our values: Create innovative and courageous solutions in favor of the energy transition.