Green City AG sells the rights to a planned 4.2 MWp solar park

The solar park in Brück-Linthe, eastern Germany, is expected to receive planning permission this year and will then be built. There is great interest in project rights for wind and solar power plants, and the market environment for renewable energies is attractive.

Since 2020, Green City AG has been developing a solar park in Brandenburg with a capacity of around 4.2 MWp. The land, which was originally used for intensive agriculture, is located along the A9 motorway and is therefore ideally suited for the construction of an open-air photovoltaic power plant. Originally, Green City AG wanted to build the project on the 3.62 hectare site itself; the project rights have now been sold to an investor.

The idea of the project was to remove the agricultural land from intensive exploitation, renaturalise it and use it for energy purposes. Within the modules, cultivation is possible by mowing machines, but also by sheep grazing. Flower meadows can be planted in the marginal areas, which further increases the ecological value through species diversity. The use of marginal strips along motorways and railway lines for energy production by solar power plants is an important element for the success of the decentralised energy transition.