¡Hola! Our new Spanish website

Climate change knows no borders. Neither does our international commitment in the field of renewable energies. We are active in Germany, Italy, France, and also in Spain – reason enough for a Spanish presence on the web!

Green City was already recognized 20 years ago: No form of energy can currently produce electricity at such a low price as new wind and solar power plants. Due to decreasing technological costs and increasing solar radiation, solar energy is emerging as the most cost effective source of energy in Europe. This applies in particular to solar power from sunny Spain.

A successful entry into the Spanish market

Grid parity in Spain allows operators of local photovoltaic systems to offer solar energy at competitive prices and therefore without state subsidies. Thanks to a clear market entry strategy, Green City entered the Spanish market in 2019 and entered into several partnerships with local project promoters. In 2020, “El Marqués”, the first photovoltaic project on Spanish soil, was successfully implemented. The solar park, which is expected to produce around 20 million kWh of green electricity per year with a capacity of 12.3 MW, was acquired by the RE Infrastructure Opportunities fund at the end of 2020, which was accompanied by the international advisor in investment and transactions re: cap global investors ag. Details of the transaction are available here .

Over the next few years, the fund plans to develop a portfolio of numerous multi-megawatt solar parks and increase its exposure to the very attractive Spanish solar market.

For more information, see our Spanish website: ¡Vamos!