Record year for Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau in the South of Germany

The year 2020 has successfully ended for the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau with a record value: the seven wind turbines produced more than 45 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, setting a new record.

This is the highest electricity production to date since it was commissioned in 2016. This quantity of electricity corresponds to the annual electricity demand of nearly 14,000 households. Jörg Bold, member of the board of directors of Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie, says: “We are delighted with the best year of operation so far and will therefore once again receive a bonus of 3,000 euros from the wind farm. would like to use this money for projects that further promote energy recovery at the local level “.

Since the start of 2020, the municipalities of Ettenheim and Schuttertal have taken a stake in the wind farm company and have acquired shares in its share capital for 16,393 euros and 9,107 euros respectively.

Together, the municipalities now hold 25.5% of the voting rights in the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau GmbH. The Ettenheimer Bürgerenergie cooperative also holds 25.5% of the voting rights.

The remaining 49% is still held by an associated company of Green City AG of Munich. This company is responsible for technical management and commercial administration.

The possibility for municipalities and cooperatives to participate in the wind farm was a special feature of the funding model of the time. Jens Mühlhaus, CEO of Green City AG: “Participation and acceptance are the key to the success of the local energy transition. This has always been our credo and the Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau is a perfect example.” Now the citizens of the region will be able to influence all important decisions regarding the operation of wind farms in the future.

Video: Jörg Bold, Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau