Sale of Italian hydroelectric power stations

Treviso, Italy – The sale of three of Italy’s Green City hydropower plants has been completed. The transaction concerns factories located in the north of the country, under the names of “Orsolina”, “Biois” and “Codalonga”. The buyer is the multiple utility company ACSM SpA, also based in northern Italy.

The “Orsolina” hydroelectric power station is located in the province of Belluno. It is the tenth Italian Green City hydroelectric power station and it operates with a Pelton turbine. It is supplied by an underground penstock and has a nominal power of approximately 1,800 kW.

The “Biois” hydroelectric power station is also located in the province of Belluno. It is operated with two Francis turbines. The water flow is 2,100 l / s, the installed power is 699 kW.

In the Veneto Dolomites, the “Codalonga” hydroelectric power station is located near the ski resort of Civetta. The annual electricity production is 1.7 million kilowatt-hours, which supplies around 500 households with electricity per year.

An important step for Green City Italia Srl

The sale of the plants to the multiple utility company is another important step for Green City in the European market. ACSM SpA produces, distributes and sells electricity and thermal energy.

Markus Vogel, Managing Director of Green City Italia Srl, on the transaction: “We are happy to have found in ACSM a partner with long experience in hydropower and with whom the plants will be in good hands. ”

Green City has been active in the renewable energy sector in Italy since 2013. In 2019, it strengthened its presence in the Italian market by creating a subsidiary in Treviso, Green City Italia Srl. Green City Italia Srl plans, builds and operates renewable energy installations and carries out installation projects in collaboration with municipalities and communities.